A Brain Full of Anxiety, Depression and Agoraphobia

What would you give to feel calm, in control and happy every morning you wake up?  Did you know that you’re not alone in that feeling- Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks are a major source of these feelings and an absolute normal part of our society.  In fact, more people than ever before are being diagnosed with one (or more) of the disorders.  That includes me.  What concerns me is the lack of people talking about the epidemic, the ignorance behind the feelings of those who are suffering from mental health issues, and the lack of information available.  Why do we feel like we need to hide away from the world, ashamed that we are not ‘normal’.  We should NEVER feel this way … this is my personal website, I’ve built it around a few major premises –
I want to help you.

mariaMy name is Maria Forstall,  I am the mother of a few wonderful children and married for 15 years, albeit with a divorce in between.  For years I have been dealing with signs of anxiety, way too much stress, bouts of depression and guess what … it all eventually took over my life.  I became afraid of everything and in fear that I would have a panic attack at any moment.

I always asked myself … Why can’t I let myself live a life of happiness?  It was the hardest and most life-changing question I’ve ever asked.  I’ll never forget my reaction though, it was that day that I made a decision to turn my life around and now I want to help you.  Truth be told, speaking my mind on this website and trying to help you is a form of therapy for me, but more importantly it’s a way to give back to a world where everyone deserves to figure out happiness.  I know you can.fullofthoughts

If you’re at this blog and reading my site, you can bet I have information on everything related to:

I’ve got your back throughout this process, while I can’t promise I have been through everything you are going through, I can promise I understand.

I’ve written this website to try and give you options and to make it easier for you to make a decision that moves towards recovery, whatever that is.  I’m a big believer in recovery without medication … and an even bigger believer that it doesn’t take a lot of money to get better.  It takes determination, time and will power.  You can control anxiety, overcome depression if you really want to.

your greatest self

 On another note … this is one of my most favorite poems.  I connected with it whenever I felt like I was really anxious and starting to panic.  I hope you enjoy 🙂 it really is inspirational.

By: Brittany

Tightness in my chestinsidemyownmind
I cant breath.
The only time I can escape
is when I fall asleep.

Constant nausea
constant fear.
How did this happen
knowing I’m safe here?

It’s a constant worry
another will strike.
I worry about it all the time
it makes me lose my appetite.

My sight darkens
my life flashes.
My worries control my thoughts
my heart crashes and burns to ashes.

You have no idea what its like
to live one day in my shoes.
Maybe if you did
you wouldn’t judge me as you do.

Here is an overview of the four anxiety treatment programs I have tried and reviewed…
Be Free Again

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