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mariaThis site is here to help you understand, evaluate and get through your mental troubles whether it is anxiety, depression or panic attacks.  My name is Maria Forstall and I’ve been there and back and now want to help you do the same.

Panic and Anxiety have taken such a huge portion of my life from me.  For a long time, I let it do that to me, I was too busy to deal with my issues, too tired to try and put mental energy into becoming better and too scared to face the reality of my situation.

But one day I decided enough was enough.  No longer could I let myself not sleep at night because of severe anxiety attacks, no longer was I going to wake up in the morning sad and depressed when I had two wonderful children who needed me, no longer was I going to let my Anxiety, Panic and Depression get the best of me.

So there I was, with a will to change and no idea how to do it.  I researched a lot online and found it really difficult to navigate my way through all the different options available.  I debated going to talk to the doctor but didn’t want to spend the money if I didnt have to.  The only other option was to try a few things.  It was interesting, even though I felt better after each one I tried I wanted to keep trying the others to see if there was a difference.

Now that I’ve tried them all, I want to share my experiences with you.   In a way its a form of therapy for me… to talk about my experiences and help you.

Please let me know if you ever have questions.




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