Getting Over an Anxiety Attack

freefromattacksThe first step to getting over anxiety, panic attacks and any sort of social nerves is to acknowledge that you do have a problem. You don’t need to acknowledge and accept this fact to any more people than yourself… unless you need support from others. Once you’ve acknowledged this you can start to look into treatments.. I’ve tried quite a few of them, each for different points in my life when my issues have crept back. The most important thing I found was that when they did come back, I attacked the issue head on and I thought to myself, ‘I must stop my anxiety before it becomes worse and takes over my life’.

It’s the most frustrating thing to be worrying about what others think of you, how they perceive you or they judge your character because of your mental issues… but the thing is, its true and you can’t help but realize that you’re a lone soul in the world of people who have never felt out of control, out of their own body or experienced the level of anxiety and stress you do on a regular basis. How can people understand?

Dealing with anxiety and having an anxiety attack are two very different things. Everyone deals with anxiety at some point in their lives but there is different levels of anxiousness and how severe you get it, how often you get it and what it takes to calm you down often determine whether or not your anxious character is actually a disorder.

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There Are Programs To Help You

Programs are available that give you the tools you need to deal with your anxiety and panic attacks before they get worse. The level of program you need depends really on the level of severity and your motivation to fix the problem. My two favorite programs are Linden Method and Panic Away. You should look at Panic Away if you have a less severe case of anxiety and stress. If you are really dealing with bad anxiety I would suggest you choose Linden Method over Panic Away, but they both work well. For a quick comparison of the two, see this page — there is also a more detailed overview (based on my research and experience).

You know you are ready for a program when you start to acknowledge a problem … or that one is developing. You need to be mentally prepared to dive into one but once you do you will find that the tools they give you to help are really really effective. Some people say that books and programs with videos, etc. don’t help but it really depends on the type of person you are. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in the power of a mental toolkit and being consciously aware of certain actions you do that make your anxiety/panic worse .. then these programs are likely not for you. If you believe in therapy, you believe in changing your thought pattern, if you believe in yourself and your ability to change – I think these are great choices and natural ones at that :).

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