I Feel So Alone

Trying to find someone who understands how you feel is really hard to do.  People just don’t get it and more often than not they’re looking at you and thinking ‘what is wrong with you’ or they are judging you.

You probably feel like you can’t help the way you are …. You probably feel like the world is out to get you and you wish that you were happy like everyone else seems to be.  It’s awful to feel like you are alone and that no one gets what is going on inside your head.  Trust me, I know- I’ve been there before.


Finding People Who Get It

Its hard to find people that understand the depth of the depression (and/or anxiety) you suffer from.  People who haven’t been there, who are infectiously happy all the time just can’t understand why you are sad, tired, and so incredibly unhappy…. They often become frustrated and feel like you’re bringing them down.     Your life may not be particular hard, promisetheywillendmaybe it is … but that’s not the point.  The point, right now, is that you need someone to connect to, to talk to, that gets where your coming from, that gets trying to change the way you think isn’t an overnight thing … you need support.

Like I said before… spouts of jealousy and anger can even start after seeing how people conduct their lives, how they choose to be happy, how they have control over how they feel.  It’s a funny game you play inside your head, constantly analyzing your current state of mind against some sort of societal norm and hoping that you’re not ‘that bad’.  I’ve been there.   Feelings like you want to sink into the background, or that you’re not worthy of any help or attention from others is also a common feeling.

Depression is hard.  There is a community of support out there, I’m one person here for you.

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