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Charles Linden is the creator of the Linden Method, a program to help you get rid of those awful mariapanic and anxiety attacks you experience. I assume if you’re on this page, you’ve read his very convincing discussion about how Linden Method works and why it will guarantee you results. If not, then I will provide enough information for you here, but feel free to go directly to his official site here.

charleslindenI am guessing that you’re probably feeling something like I was when my attacks became worse; ready to change and want something that helps but confused at all the options.  What you need to do is read a review from someone who has been through it, decide if you want to commit to this change and then read about the product on the actual website (link above if you want to skip over my thoughts).  I hope I can be of help to you in this process… it’s really hard to find information that’s concise and representative of the true picture.

My Experience Using Linden Method

I was in a bad place for a long time, I felt very much trapped by my anxiety and agoraphobia.  It wasn’t just me that felt this way though, after opening up about my issues I began to notice and hear of others that were suffering from similar things.  Some of my coworkers were experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, I only noticed because there work started to deteriorate.  Anyways, long story short, that’s why I’m writing this review.  I want to give you my honest opinion of the Linden Method and to (hopefully) give you the information you need faster so you’re not letting hours and days go by trying to research.

I actually discovered this program after hearing a man on the radio who I swear could have perfectly described how I was feeling ….. the lump in the throat, hot flashes, feeling like you’re in a different world, chest pains, etc. This man perfectly described the very feelings I was having while listening to him, its like he was in my body. As I listened intently, the radio host suggested the man try Charles Linden’s anxiety treatment for home. I immediately looked it up.

The first thing that caught my eye was the claim that the Linden Method was the only government, Doctor and Psychologist recommended Home Learning Anxiety Disorder recovery program. I immediately became wary … what kind of massive claim is that? Seemed untrue and a small red flag went up … after doing more research, from what I could find this was actually true.  He had taken a unique approach to tackling anxiety and panic by targeting the ‘Lymbic System’ (nervous system in the brain).

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The scientific theory behind the treatment definitely gave me the confidence I needed to read further on.  Unfortunately, my anxiety had already eased off by the time I did enough research to buy this product (I had also been using another product called Panic Away which was effective as well).  However, as I said before, a lot of my circle of friends are also dealing with anxiety and so I gave the program to a friend to use.  My review is not based on what I personally experienced, but what I saw of my friend and what she told me.

Reading through his official website, you get a good sense of the level of confidence the man has in his treatment.  After all… Linden himself said he would guarantee his product to be the ultimate problem-solver. I don’t just generally take things for face value… and I certainly never make rash buying decisions… but I needed something. Here is my review and my friends feedback…

The Linden Method: What does it mean?thebrainsreactiontofear

It basically focuses on the part of your brain that responds to and causes/creates anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. The name is ‘Amygdala’ although, who knows what that is (I’m not a doctor but I did find a picture for better visual… these are the parts of the brain that respond to fear and anxiety). The Linden method narrows in on this part of the brain and works with you to  change the way you react and your nervous system works, thereby reducing and getting rid of anxiety.

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you can get control over reactions

What’s Included

  • A detailed manual so you know the steps you need to do
  • A series of audio CDs that go along with the manual
  • Additional exercises that help you visualize changes
  • Videos for explanation (Pillar Videos)
  • Advice and support from qualified specialists


  • Very comprehensive program- tackles all aspects of your life
    365 day money back guarantee
  • Charles Linden is available to speak directly to you if you ask
  • No medication is required, you could probably slowly stop taking your medication (ask a doctor first to make sure)
  • Much cheaper (MUCH) than spending hundreds of dollars on going to see a psychologist
  • Based on accepted Scientific knowledge


This program requires a big commitment and a lot of focused effort to make sure it is effective. You have to be willing to sit down, close the door to your bedroom, office (wherever you are) and really focus on what the program is about and what they are saying. You also really really have to believe in what they are saying. This is a proven program… it only works if you believe it is as effective as medication/expensive psychologists, etc.

You have to stick with the program, it takes a while (as I said before) but everything you need to change your life really is in this program. You just have to do it at 100% always and over a defined period of time. Taking 1 year to go through a couple videos because you ‘cant find the time’ is not OK.

If you’re looking for a less serious, and introductory product for some reason that is what I really felt Panic Puzzle Anxiety Program was for me.  Both are great, just for different people with varying needs.


Anyways ….

Through the Linden Method, you are also able to make a lot of connections to other issues that you may have had in the past. It is really cool to understand how and why you react the way you do to certain things. I’ve even found this from listening to things my friend has learned … For example, I didn’t realize that my fear of having a panic attack lead me down a terrible path to agoraphobia.

Linden Method does a really great job of connecting the dots for you. Did you ever say something odd, act a certain way or have feelings that you can’t really explain? The book brings up connecting to certain life events that likely triggered an issue, a growth in an existing issue … or even the recession of one.

Overall Impression

The Linden Method did work, but it took a lot of effort for my friend to get through it. This isn’t for people who don’t really want to get better. You don’t realize how long it took to get through the program because it is so incredibly thorough. Like I said, you certainly need to really want to get better (I have definitely been in that place). If you’re ready for a serious method that attacks all aspects of your anxiety and panic…. this program is well worth it.

Based on my research … other people felt the same way too.

“If only I had found this pack years ago. I’m not sick of my anxiety and panic attacks, just angry that I lost 4 years of my life to this pointless anxiety disorder.”

Alicia Silverside

“Knowing that my anxiety symptoms were common was enough to reassure me that I was not dying. I then felt confident enough to defeat my anxiety and panic attacks. I can’t believe what a difference it made. I have recommended the program to everyone in my anxiety management team. Thank you so much.”

James T.
Ontario, Canada

My Opinion: If you’re serious about changing your life, buy it.

PS. I also have a few other reviews out about different treatments I’ve tried in the past.  To check out my other ‘first choice’, see my Panic Away Review.

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