Managing Your Depression

Managing your depression is really such a double-edge sword. You’re asking yourself to stand up to your issues and over come them yet the whole issue with depression is your lack of motivation, will power and energy to fight anything.

managingemotionsSelf-help, self-reflection and programs designed to deal with depression and anxiety are what I would absolutely recommend you try.  If you’re looking to save money from the cost of a therapist or you really don’t want to take medication to get over this then I would absolutely suggest looking at therapeutic programs that can help you change the way you think about yourself and your life.  These programs also often give you the tools and techniques to know how to spot the triggers and stop them from getting worse … and they’ll even give you coping mechanisms and ways to self reflect after experiencing negative thoughts.

We are not born with these capabilities inherently, they’re taught to us (whether intentionally or not).  Giving yourself the chance to learn is a lot similar to something called behavioral therapy you can pay an expensive psychologist for (it also depends on the type of depression you may have).  I’m in the middle of writing a couple reviews of the inexpensive and effective programs that I’ve tried over the years.  It kinda hit me how hard it is to find really great information on all the options out there … it’s overwhelming.

Depression doesn’t mean you NEED medication.  I wanted to avoid it because I was so scared of being reliable on it to feel normal.  If you have the ability to say ‘something is wrong and I need help and want to change’ then you likely have the ability to go through a really great program, in the comfort of your own home, and get over this yourself.  My reviews, for the programs I’ve tried are here.  You’re always welcome to submit questions on the ‘contact us’ page of my website.

PS. Dont forget .. you will smile again 🙂

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