What Does An Attack Feel Like?

These are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder:

  • Do You Often Feel Nervous For No Reason?checklist
  • Do You Worry in Excess?
  • Are You Persistently Anxious?
  • Do You Have Any Compulsive Behaviours?
  • Do You Constantly Doubt Yourself?
  • Does Your Muscles Hurt For No Reason?
  • Are You Terrified To Be In The Spotlight?
  • Do You Panic A Lot?
  • Are You A Perfectionist?
  • Do You Have Sleeping Issues?
  • Do You Wake Up Feeling Worried?
  • Do You Get Indigestion A Lot?
  • Do You Have Any Irrational Fears? (ex. Agoraphobia)

Diagnosed with Anxiety DisorderTriggers can often be misunderstood and you can start making connections to other sources of stress and uneasiness that you never even knew existed within you. I remember going up to the cash at the grocery store and worrying whether or not my debit card was going to be approved… and next thing you know I’m having a panic attack because I associated that feeling … or lack of control…. with other negative things that were going on in my life.  It was like I suddenly felt like I was going to go bankrupt, that my credit card would also be declined, that I couldn’t pay for my kids food, that I would lose them and my husband and my life was crumbling ….

Does This Sound Like You?

whatitfeelslikeIt was a panic and anxiety attack that spiraled so out of control I could hardly breathe. I was in public, utterly embarrassed about making a scene (which only made it worse) and I didn’t know how to get away, both mentally and physically.

From this day forward I started to develop agoraphobia. I feared being in public and social settings, I would do anything to make sure that I didn’t put myself in them without an escape. It started to get worse and worse until one day I told myself ‘this isn’t okay’… I wanted to not deal with this anymore and I knew I needed to stop my anxiety before it becomes worse. You’ve really got to want it and you’ve to believe it is possible- tell yourself that everyday.  You’ve got to want to be better before any natural/holistic/psychological treatments will work.

I’m saying this because your life starts to slowly be affected in so many ways when you’re nervous to be in public, when you’re limited to the activities you can do because you’re scared of putting yourself in a situation where a panic attack might occur, or you’re dealing with social anxiety and you simply don’t want to be with anyone else. I know that it must be hard to sit there, read this and admit that you have a problem, but given you are reading this I know that deep down somewhere in you you want to change. You want more for your life and I want more for you… which is why I’m literally pouring my heart out to you right now.

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